Kazi Victoria is a non-profit organisation in Melbourne committed to reducing underemployment.


We help people within the migrant and refugee community navigate the Australian job market and better understand the expectations of Australian employers.


Kazi Victoria helps with resume writing, interview preparation and connecting people to professional networks.

Our Focus

Resume Writing

A resume is the first impression of you and therefore the most crucial first step in searching for a job. A good resume is easy to read and aligned to the job advertised.

Preparing for Interview

The interview is an opportunity to discuss how well your skills align with the needs of the company. It also allows you to obtain information to decide if the job is right for you.


Networking provides an opportunity to expand your professional networks, gather insights on a particular industry, and get personal support to help you to succeed in your job search.


People with a migrant or refugee background are 24 percent less likely to secure full-time employment compared to people born in Australia, even if they hold a university degree.

Bright Futures Report

Ready to find out more?

Finding a job requires planning, helpful networks, and an understanding of the Australian job market.


People from migrant or refugee backgrounds are at a disadvantage because they may not have local knowledge or established local networks.


At Kazi Victoria, we know that early practical support in job search can help to secure long-term employment.