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How To Get Hired: Resume Writing

A resume is the first impression of you and the most crucial first step in searching for a job.

Read about our first How To Get Hired workshop which focused on resume writing.

Last Saturday, Kazi Victoria held its first How To Get Hired workshop in collaboration with Hays Recruitment Experts. The free workshop focused on resume writing and forms a series of training for any person of a migrant and refugee background to attend.

The two-hour workshop was facilitated by Lauren Jolley and Vivek Godinho, Senior Recruitment Consultants from Hays. Sam Jarosz, a corporate finance manager at one of the world’s largest multinational companies was the guest speaker. Sam spoke about what it takes to survive and thrive in Australia’s competitive job market.

The event kicked off with an introduction from Tina Kuek, founder of Kazi Victoria, followed by Sam’s speech, a presentation from Hays, a Q&A discussion panel and finally some networking!

The presentation from Hays was very insightful and we certainly learned a lot! Hays has over 50 years of experience in recruitment and is the leading global specialist recruitment group in the world. Globally they boast 250+ offices, 10,000+ employees and operate in 33 markets within the public and private sector.

Lauren and Vivek provided practical advice on searching for professional employment in Australia. The presentation was tailored to the audience and specific to finding a job in 2019. While the focus was on how to write an effective resume, they also touched on online versus offline branding and how to build your personal brand through networking.

use a common format such as word document and make sure your resume is optimised for algorithm screening

As technology advances and finds new ways to make things faster, algorithm has become an increasingly common practice used by recruiters and hiring managers to shortlist potential candidates.

Tip: a computer software may be the first to see your resume, so make sure to include the key words from the job description.

Some back to basics and very important tips were around making sure to include a career objective which reflects the job description; academic qualifications with the year completed and the institution; and a reverse chronological order of work experiences with company names, positions title, and your primary responsibilities.

Another great advice? Add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

your personal brand is only a click away from being viewed by recruiters, employers and potential mangers – make sure your offline and online brands are in sync

As for networking – some of us love it and others loathe it – but it is an essential part of searching for employment. It’s important to remember that networking can be done both in person and online (again, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, stop reading and sign up now!). Networking can be the difference between getting the job or not, as it opens connections that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Do not simply hand out business cards, be authentic and find genuine interests and common links.

make networking a part of your professional development

Lastly, the workshop addressed resilience. Professional networks are notoriously difficult to penetrate for all job seekers. At Kazi Victoria, we understand it is even more difficult for people with a migrant or refugee background as they often do not have the community connections that enable entry into professional circles.

but do not give up, keep trying, always spell check and ask for feedback.

Learn more from Hays and read useful tips in the following articles

If you attended the event we would love to hear from you.

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